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Commission a Fine Art Portrait of your pet . . . 
A work of hand-painted excellence by Janet L. Wissmann

Welcome to my COMMISSIONED PET PORTRAITS part of my website. These are purely hand-painted original works of art, made by hand with watercolor paints and a brush--not computers. Each one takes many, many hours to paint. They are not quick sketches.

If you are interested in commissioning me to paint your own pet, feel free to give me a call so we can discuss a special watercolor fine art portrait of your cherished dog, cat, or horse!

For dogs and cats, I offer two sizes of portraits: 10x12" or 16x20". These are approximate sizes because the exact size depends upon the pose I paint, which depends on the photographs I have to work from.  (For horses, I offer only the larger 16x20" portrait.) The  picture below shows a 10x12 Sheltie portrait matted and framed. Click on it to enlarge.

I work from photographs that you supply (see here for photo tips) or photos that I take when I meet 
your pet. or dog .......10x12 Portrait .... $1950 ...
..........(with your mat & frame, finished size is usually 16x20), dog, or horse ...16x20 Portrait ... $2100 ...
..........(with your mat & frame, finished size is usually 20x24)

Click picture at left to enlarge.

Scroll down to see more portraits in a larger format and you will see some testimonials from happy clients. . .

The painting of a beautiful Great Pyrenees, right, is an example of my larger 16x20  watercolor portrait option, shown here triple matted to fit a 20x24-inch frame. This larger size is available for cat, dog, and horse portraits.

Shipping is included.

Time until completion will vary depending upon my schedule. Please allow time for deadlines such as birthdays or anniversaries. 
Generally, the waiting period is a month.

I will be delighted to look at photographs of your pet and will make suggestions as to which pose I'd like to paint. If you live in WI, IA, MN, or IL, it is possible that we can meet up and I can take the pictures for you, at no charge when you order a commissioned painting of your pet.

By now you have probably realized that I specialize in showing remarkable expression and personality in my paintings. I am well known for my ability to beautifully capture the eyes of my subjects very well. This is why I prefer to paint head studies rather than full body paintings. To date I have painted over 500 pet portraits.    To see many more examples of my dog portraits, look at all these pages, too    CLICK HERE >>>> 

I will be delighted to talk with you about it. To start your painting, I'll need a 50% deposit, with the remainder due before I ship the finished work of art to you.

Many of my customers have asked me to mat and/or frame their portraits for them. I have professional mat cutting skills, and do it for my portrait clients for a nominal fee. We can discuss matting and/or framing (info ») anytime during the painting process if you'd like. After your painting is finished you will be able to order full color NOTECARDS of your painting (info ») as well as full color BUSINESS CARDS and other items.

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Janet L. Wissmann, Watercolorist
Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin __ph. (608)624-5511 ____9am-9pm Central Time Zone

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